Fun-Filled Summer Activities for Seniors in Austin Senior Living

When it comes to engaging and enjoyable activities for older adults, South Austin senior activity centers are often the go-to option.

However, if you’re seeking more than a temporary Austin senior activity center experience, look no further than our exceptional assisted living and memory care communities in the South Austin area.

At Buda Oaks, The Philomena, and SoCo Village, we go above and beyond to provide a friendly and enriching environment where residents can thrive. Let’s dive into some exciting activities and initiatives happening in our communities this summer.

Summer Adventures in Kyle, TX

Our seniors in Kyle, TX are embracing the sunny season with a vibrant array of activities. If you spot a cheerful group of older adults exploring the city in our signature bus, you’ve encountered our residents enjoying their summer adventures.

From indulging in delicious brunches at Casa Maria to shopping at local stores like Target and Walmart, they enjoy the best the community offers. Spending time at Kyle Square, basking in the sun and seeking shade, has become a beloved pastime.

These activities provide entertainment and enjoyment and encourage socialization and active living, benefiting the overall well-being of our seniors. Loneliness and isolation are detrimental to seniors’ health. Staying busy with friends is the way to live!

Creativity Soars at SoCo Village

Located in the heart of Austin, SoCo Village is a bustling community where residents find fulfillment through various activities. In The Retreat, our memory care community, residents have channeled their creativity by constructing intricate hot air balloon paper artworks.

The artistic talents of our residents are so impressive we think the Blanton Museum of Art should showcase these unique creations.

We embrace the unique bond between humans and animals. That’s why we are proud to be a pet-friendly senior living community. We understand the tremendous benefits that pets bring to the lives of our residents, and we wholeheartedly support the companionship and joy that comes with pet ownership.

Pets are more than just animals; they become cherished family members and faithful companions. As seniors enter a new chapter, having a furry friend beside them can bring immense comfort, love, and a sense of purpose. The benefits of pet ownership for seniors are numerous and profound.

Pets are so important here; we are delighted to introduce our newest team member, Bruno, the dog!

Bruno has quickly become a beloved member of our community, spreading joy and wagging his tail with enthusiasm. He has been a very good boy in all his training sessions, adapting seamlessly to his new surroundings. Our residents have formed an instant connection with Bruno, enjoying walks, playtime, and moments of pure happiness with their new furry friend.

Third places are essential spaces for seniors that can be hard to find. These are places beyond home and traditional senior living communities that foster a sense of belonging, discovery, and intellectual engagement. Libraries are one such cherished third space, offering a haven of knowledge and imagination.

Recently, residents embarked on an exciting visit to the Austin Central Library, where they obtained library cards to kick off our summer reading club. Checking out books gives us a great excuse to go back regularly. You can’t beat the view of the Austin parks from their rooftop.

Nurturing Dolls at Buda Oaks

In Buda, TX, our residents at Buda Oaks in The Retreat memory care community have been engaging in transformative activities.

Recognizing the challenges faced by individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia in utilizing traditional senior centers, we have implemented a remarkable program that involves baby dolls. This innovative Doll Therapy Program has garnered attention and was recently featured on KXAN News with Blake DeVine.

Caring for these dolls through holding, bathing, and clothing them, our residents experience a renewed sense of purpose, joy, and comfort.

In addition to the Doll Therapy Program, Buda Oaks residents enjoyed a delightful daytime camping trip to McKinney Falls State Park.

We met Park Rangers and took a scenic drive. The day was highlighted by hot dogs, dutch oven campfire beans, and a pineapple upside-down cake made by our Executive Director.

About Austin Senior Living

Summer is an exciting and fulfilling time for our residents in our Austin-area assisted living and memory care communities. Whether it’s exploring the vibrant community of Kyle, showcasing artistic talents, embracing pet companionship, or engaging in innovative memory care programs, we ensure our residents enjoy a wide range of activities that promote socialization, well-being, and personal growth.

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We invite you to explore our Austin-area communities’ enriching and friendly atmosphere. From summer adventures to year-round engagement, we are dedicated to creating a vibrant and supportive environment for seniors to thrive.

What can we say? We’re making senior living a little more hip! We take immense pride in our commitment to enriching the lives of older adults and creating vibrant communities where residents can thrive.


Discover Summer Activities For Seniors in Assisted Living in Austin, Texas

Whether you or your loved one are seeking assisted living or memory care, Austin Senior Living communities offer a place that feels like home. We invite you to explore our communities’ unique and engaging experiences, where every day is an opportunity for growth, connection, and joy.

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